Tianjin Science and Technology Press locates in Tianjin, the second largest seaport city of China. Established in 1979, it is now a large-scale and energetic publishing house with the distinct features of science & technology. She owns about 100 staff, among which 29 are senior editors, and publishes over 1,000 kinds of books and 3 kinds of magazines every year.

The press focuses on science and technology fields, pays attention to development of science and technology, and acts as the media of knowledge. She devotes herself to publications of medicine, natural science, health care, healthy diet, weiqi and so on; and published a lot of academic works written by famous experts. Many books won awards, such as Governmental Prize of Publication, Award of Chinese Excellent Publication, and some books were collected in Publication Project of Three Hundred Original Books. The books of medicine and healthy life are famous in the whole world. PROGRESS OF MODERN OPTICS AND Photonics (SECOND EDITION) win Governmental Prize of Publication in 2007; EXPLAINATION OF HUANGDI NEIJING (MIRACULOUS PIVOT AND PLAIN QUESTIONS) was nominated for Governmental Prize of Publication in 2007; CURRENT BASIC AND CLINICAL SUTDY OF AGE-REALTED MACULAR DEGENERATION was collected in Publication Project of Three Hundred Original Books in 2009; WIND WHISPER — KIDS, BE HAPPY AGAIN win Special Award for Earthquake Relief of Chinese Excellent Publication in 2008, and was recommended to teenagers by General Administration of Press and Publication in 2009; RESPONSIBILITY REALIZATION ARRIVING was one of the best sellers in 2009; BASIC REAERCH OF CONGNITIVE SCIENCE ABOOUT HOW TO STUDY HIGH-EFFECTIVELY was nominated for Governmental Prize of Publication in 2009; MEDICAL BOOKS COLLECTION OF FAMOUS TRADITIONAL CHIHESE DOCTORS got Fund of Chinese Publication in 2009; SURGERY OF ANAL, RECTAL AND COLON and CHINESE ECOLOGICALLY INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY IN AMELIORATION AND VEGETATION CONSTRUCTION OF SALINE-ALKALINE SOIL were collected in Key Project of publications in 12th five-year-plan; THE CHINA DISASTER AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE got Fund of Chinese Publication in 2013, etc.

The press is willing to be a cooperated partner with every press in the world to establish and develop relationship of mutual benefit. And she wishes to trade in copyright of the fields of medicine and life, etc.

President: Cai Hao

Address: 35 Xikang Road,  HePing Districts, Tianjin, 300051,  P.R.China


Telephone: 0086 22 23332402

Fax: 0086 22 23332402


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